About Us

Alevate is a team of experts specializing in the food and beverage sector for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs). Our experienced team has recognized a key challenge faced by SMEs and MSMEs in the restaurant F&B sector: managing multiple suppliers and invoices regularly, which burdens small businesses.

To tackle this, we’ve developed Alevate ProcureTech. This platform alleviates the struggles of SMEs and MSMEs in F&B by consolidating and aggregating suppliers. Alevate ProcureTech utilizes economies of scale and bulk purchasing to offer cost-effective pricing, simplifying procurement, cutting costs, and boosting profitability.

We utilize our supplier network and F&B industry understanding to negotiate favorable terms, centralizing procurement. Alevate ProcureTech handles complexities efficiently, allowing small businesses to focus on growth, while we manage supplier-related tasks.

Alevate’s expertise addresses SMEs’ and MSMEs’ F&B challenges, especially managing multiple suppliers and invoices. Alevate ProcureTech consolidates suppliers, offering cost-effective pricing through economies of scale. This streamlines procurement, cuts costs, and empowers clients to focus on core operations, gaining a competitive edge.