Growth Funding for SMEs with Alevate Capital

We’re your premier partner for fast, reliable microloans and business funding for Malaysian SMEs.


No More Struggles

Financial Constraints?

We Have

Credit Term

60-day credit terms available.

Budgetary Pressures?

We Helps to

Reduce Cost

Lower purchase costs through supplier network.

Procurement Complexity?

We Helps to

Simplify Sourcing

Streamlined procurement via single platform.

Diverse Supply Needs?

We Provide

Broad Selection

Access wide range of more than 200 suppliers nationwide

Cooperate With

To facilitate secure cashless transactions, we have integrated Axaipay as our payment gateway provider. This provides businesses with a robust, reliable platform for processing customer payments omnichannel.

Single API Integration

Connect to our proprietary platform via one single API to orchestra your payment processing.

Attentive Support

Providing immediate support is our operating principle with human interaction, not robot.

Never Down Possible

Handle any high-demand peak event, at least 99.999% uptime at all time.

Alevate Capital

Imagine the vision with Alevate Capital

Expansion Support

Secure swift microloans for new locations, equipment, and staff to expand your business hassle-free.

Seasonal Inventory Relief

Easily access funds for inventory during peak seasons to meet customer demand without delay.

Operational Stability

Overcome cash flow shortages to cover monthly expenses and invest in business enhancements swiftly.


They’re Already Reaping Results