Alevate BOS: Your F&B Growth Operating System

Alevate BOS: Your F&B Growth Operating System

The only integrated platform designed specifically to power your scaling ambitions.

Pain Points

Struggle on These?

Feature Overload

Generic software crammed with irrelevant features bogs you down. You need F&B-specific tools, not a bloated one-size-fits-all system.

Scaling Stuck in Neutral

You’re ready to expand, but your disjointed systems can’t keep up. Inefficiencies are costing you time, money, and missed growth opportunities.

Integration Nightmare

Trying to connect multiple systems leads to data silos, errors, and wasted staff hours. You need a seamless solution, not a tech headache.

Time For Alevate Bos

An F&B-focused scale-up solution

Focus Functionality

Alevate delivers F&B-specific tools for streamlined operations – no unnecessary features to slow you down.

Integrated solutions for business scaling

You’re ready to expand, but your disjointed systems can’t keep up. Inefficiencies are costing you time, money, and missed growth opportunities.

Seamless Integration for Efficiency

Alevate consolidates your systems for real-time data flow. Eliminate errors, save time, and unlock growth insights.

We Help You

Scale with confidence.
Your dedicated growth partner.

Our Product

Streamlined Supply Chain

Centralize vendor management, optimize purchasing decisions with real-time data, and ensure you’re getting the best deals on ingredients.

Credit Term

Extend Your Cash Flow: Secure 60-day credit terms to optimize working capital.

Reduce Cost

Leverage Our Buying Power: Access our extensive supplier network for the best wholesale prices.

Simplify Sourcing

One Platform, Effortless Procurement: Manage all your sourcing needs seamlessly in one place.

Broad Selection

Find What You Need, Fast: Explore our nationwide network with over 200 trusted suppliers.

Our Product

Customer Engagement

IF Engagement app is a customizable loyalty app under Alevate CX aim to reward your customers across all POS systems. The independent mobile application integrates seamlessly to help you drive engagement.

Reward and Delight

Create personalized programs, promotions, and rewards that keep customers coming back for more.

Understand Your Customers

Gain actionable insights into purchase behavior and customer preferences for targeted engagement.

Build Lasting Relationships

Foster a sense of community and turn customers into loyal brand advocates.

Our Product

Point of Sales

Alevate POS transforms your F&B operations. Experience faster service, streamlined workflows, and real-time insights that empower your staff and delight your customers.  With an intuitive interface, cloud-based flexibility, and powerful reporting tools, Alevate POS helps you eliminate errors, optimize operations, and scale with confidence.

Cloud-Based Flexibility

Manage your business from anywhere, anytime.

Chain-Ready Scalability

Seamlessly expand to multiple brands and locations.

Customer & Sales Insights

Understand customer behavior and make data-driven decisions.

Inventory Control

Optimize stock levels, reduce waste, and streamline ordering.

Our Product

Business Ventures

Alevate Capital provides Malaysian SMEs with fast access to micro loans and business funding. As a licensed, KPKT-regulated digital lender, we are a trusted source of capital for small and medium enterprise.

Access Funds with Confidence

Our commitment to compliance and ethical lending practices ensures your peace of mind.

Invest with Certainty

Explore flexible repayment terms and competitive rates designed to support your sustainable growth.

Focus on Your Business

Spend less time worrying about funding and more time executing your vision.