Unlock Growth: Expert Industry Insights & Tips

Unlock Growth: Expert Industry Insights & Tips

Dive deeper with our industry insights and expert tips.


Scaling a Unique Retail Concept with Alevate BOS

With Alevate BOS solutions, Yahya navigates the challenges of scaling her business nationwide, from managing finances to enhancing customer engagement. Join us in exploring the transformative impact of Alevate BOS on SME growth and success.

Malaysia SMEs Are Trailing Behind Riddled With Productivity Challenges Compared Global Counterparts

Incite Innovations Group CEO Tham Lih Chung addresses top challenges faced by Malaysian SMEs and discusses growth opportunities through Alevate BOS solutions, offering streamlined supply chain management, efficient outlet management, enhanced customer engagement, and access to capital.

My Say: SMEs must unite to navigate Malaysia’s digital frontier

This article underscores the critical role of SMEs in Malaysia's economy while highlighting the urgent need for increased digital adoption. It emphasizes the benefits and challenges of digital transformation and urges SMEs to take proactive steps toward embracing technology for growth and resilience.

Incite aims to speed up digitalisation of SMEs

In a bid to propel the digital transformation of small and medium enterprises (SMEs), Incite, our innovative company, is championing initiatives to accelerate digitalization efforts. With SMEs comprising a significant portion of Malaysia's business landscape, our focus is on bridging the digital gap to ensure these vital entities thrive in today's fast-paced economy.

Tham Lih Chung: Pioneering Innovation and Growth in Retail and F&B Sectors

In the vibrant landscape of Malaysian entrepreneurship, Tham Lih Chung emerges as a beacon of innovation and resilience. From his humble beginnings with AUM Hospitality to the inception of Rhombus Connexion and beyond, Tham's journey is marked by transformative insights and unwavering commitment to driving growth in the retail and F&B sectors.

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3 current trends of the Malaysian F&B industry

F&B sales grew in third quarter of 2023 even as Malaysians cut back on eating out

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